Monday, April 27, 2015

Block 2 of Quilts & More

Good Morning Friends,
Are you getting as much rain as we are in Denver? I grew up in Illinois and I remember days where it would rain all day. Not like the typical rain we get in Denver. If it does rain in Denver, which isn't common, it's a little afternoon shower, some of you would call it a sprinkle.
Back in Illinois, I'd hang over the back of the couch to daydream out the window to watch and hear it rain. It was hard rain. The rain that drenches you in seconds. My mom would say I could stay there for hours. For the last week, it's been a nice reminder of my youth. Some days, like yesterday, it rained all day and once again I caught myself watching and hearing it rain as I gazed out my front window.
About a week or 2 ago, my husband and our buddy built a porch daybed swing for the front porch of our house. We used old wood doors to frame a crib mattress and then hung it up on chains. While it's been raining, my daughter, husband, and I have enjoyed our time laying on our new swing as it gently sways from side to side, while we watch and listen to it rain. Last week after it rained, we watched a rainbow melt away from the sun breaking through the gloomy clouds. I wonder, will I forget these simple but happy moments in life? My daughter is growing up so fast. Will she remember the way I do about my childhood in this moment? I hope she is just as happy as I am right now. 
During a break in the rain on Saturday, I was planting our vegetable garden in the backyard, when my husband yells from the front of the house, "you have another magazine." Meaning, it was another publication. Of course whenever I have my name and quilt in a publication, it's exciting. This time, it was the summer edition of Quilts & More.
In this edition, it includes instructions for the second block for the quilt. The first block was discussed Sew Easy Sampler Block 1.

If you're making the quilt, I'd love to see your version of it. I have been batting around the idea of creating a Flickr or Instagram account. I like the idea of a place to share images of what we are all working on, but truly and honestly, will there be an additional time commitment for me to "manage" it and what privacy risk do I take on?

It's on my bucket list, but for right now, I'm focused on making beautiful quilts. Soon though, I'd like to give Flickr/Instagram more thought and decision.

Reminiscing in the rain,

Sandra Clemons

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