Monday, April 20, 2015

Playing with Patterns

Ya know. I had this goal. A New Year's Resolution. I had planned to make one surface design pattern per week, but the goal was to concentrate on it weekly. I wasn't supposed to spend, say a Sunday afternoon to catch-up on the weeks missed. Unfortunately, it has been catch-up mode. O well. At least I'm practicing, right?
Here's three repeat patterns. I've been practicing on layers. For example, I made stripes in the background and placed flowers on them. Or the strawberries, I have a polka dot pattern beneath them.

Repeat patterns are quite addicting. I'm realizing as I design quilts, I tend to have a color scheme already in mind and therefore, I'm looking for the right fabric line to fit my vision to make the quilt. Most of the time, I have to tweak my color vision for something available in the marketplace. Perhaps one of these days I'll start printing my surface designs on fabric. 
I wish I had quilting stuff to show you, but for now, I'm working really hard on making a number of quilts. Many of them I'll share this fall, but a couple of them, I'll share in about a month.

Pressing on,

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