Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Scrappy Chain Quilt Tutorial

To celebrate the arrival of SIMPLE PATCHWORK book and FRONT YARD fabric collection, I'm presenting a Scrappy Chain Tutorial on instagram. We all love chain quilts. They use up scraps galore and are simply beautiful.

See the below for the quilt design. It is inspired by the Irish Chain and Postage Stamp quilts, but the blocks are set on point and the setting triangles carry the center chain for a smooth chain finish. There's no need to worry about cutting and piecing all those little squares individually. We will be using the strip piecing method to save us time.

For a limited time, the instructions are available for free download (Pattern is no longer available for free, but is available for purchase here.). I'll be making the sample quilt for this pattern and posting my assembly process on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to follow/like me there to stay up-to-date on my progress. If you're joining in on the fun, then share your progress on instagram. Please use my instagram handle (@sandra.clemons) and hashtags (#makeitblossom and #frontyardfabric). I'm be sure to comment on your progress.

The fabric requirements are listed below and includes 2 quilt sizes. I'll be starting my quilt in the next week. How about you?

Happy stitching,

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 New Year's Resolution

Do you write New Year's Resolution? And keep them? My husband and I do. We do pick what we consider attainable goals for the year. We pick 1 or 2 things to improve our lives. A lot of times, we pick a food omit to improve our diet. Such as, we had a year of no fries, another year of no chips, another year of no ice cream, then the following year we did no artificial sugar. Sometimes, we pick a goal to improve ourselves in career, fitness, and education. I had a year where I read through the entire old testament of the Bible, another year where I reached 50 pull-ups. This year, we picked holding a plank for 1 minute every day combined with 10 push-ups and to draw everyday for 15 minutes. We geeked out over the weekend by going to our local art supply shop to pick up new pencils and pens, and a new sketchbook. The little things to get the new year kicked up on the right foot.

Here's to new hopes, aspiration, and resolutions for the 2017 year. Have a Happy New Year!


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