Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2014 Spring Quilt Market

All -

I had such a wonderful time at quilt market.  It was my first one and I hope to have more for the future.  Teresa from Treelotta and I went together and wow, we had such a fun time together.  I hope you have a chance to see that fun in our selfies.  I had the chance to meet so many wonderful people from all areas of the industry.  Everyone was so approachable and seemed really interested in what I had to say and share.   I learned so much about the business.  I am happy to say that the weekend was a huge success and there will be some fun things coming up in the next year that I cannot wait to share with you. 

Meanwhile, here are some photos of the weekend.  I hope you enjoy them.

Day 1 - Let the madness begin.

My stash after the Schoolhouse series.  Love free samples.

After the Schoolhouse, we went to Sample Spree.  Wow, that was craziness.  I'd be happy to share some stories, if you want it.

Day 2 - The first day of the show.  I couldn't wait to share my ideas with the industry.

Due to weather, we were bused to the Moda Boat Cruise Party.  A new friend.  You'll have to check out her new book and fabric line!

 Day 3!

By this time, I had my agenda taken care of.  Meetings scheduled, ideas booked, I then had some time to enjoy the book signings.   

Day 4 - The last day of the show.  We were trying to keep up the energy.

Quilt Market is closed and we are beat.

These are some really awesome people that I had the chance to meet.
(I had the chance to show off my Tula Pink 100 Block quilt.)

Till next time, keep on creating.  Sandra

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