Thursday, October 22, 2015

McCall's Quick Quilts Magazine D/J 2015 Issue

Hello Friends. I'm thrilled to announce my quilt publication for McCall's Quick Quilts D/J 2015 magazine issue. My quilt is called Rotation. Isn't it lovely?
I have never done this before... Meaning, I made this quilt top twice. Please direct you eye to the beige fabric in the quilt. The first quilt top was in a darker beige. I had reservation during the entire construction process, but I kept telling myself, "O Sandra, it'll turn out fine." Unfortunately, it didn't. I felt the quilt didn't have contrast. The rainbow of colors didn't pop. Luckily, Robert Kaufman understood and sent me more fabric to make a second quilt, which is the one you see below. Thank you, Yael.
It's hard to see in the photo, but the beige fabric in the quilt is the Essex Yarn Dyed Linen/Cotton Blend. The rest of it is Kona cotton solids. All by Robert Kaufman. Not only does the quilt have contrast, it has texture. The linen/cotton fabric does give weight to the quilt and just in time as we enter into the winter season. I can't wait to get it back and snuggle up with it.
Some quilters have asked me if it is difficult to machine quilt the linen/cotton fabrics and how does it wash. Well, for starters I don't prewash any of my fabric. Just don't. Don't have the time for the extra steps when juggling family and my day job. The same is true for the linen/cotton blends.
I have used linen/cotton in my other quilts, which you'll see in my first book coming out in February 2016 and in my Tula Pink City Sampler (the black and white stripes are cotton/linen and the backing). When the quilt is finished and I toss it in the wash, I don't have a problems with shrinkage. The linen/cotton does soften, which I love.

As of today, I have quilted all my published quilts on my BERNINA 820. I use an Universal 80 needle when quilting. The same is true when quilting with linen/cotton fabrics. I don't have any problems with tension. The tension is set the same for 100% cotton fabrics. As for the city sampler, the weight did get to be too much. This quilt was already a king size, then add the backing in cotton/linen, it was just too much. I managed and it turned out beautiful. I love the mix of texture and solids. It is something to consider if you're going to quilt your quilt.
As I wrap-up this post, I do need to say thank you to my sponsors in making the Rotation quilt. As mentioned, the fabric is all by Robert Kaufman. The batting is Warm & White by the Warm Company. The thread is 100% cotton 50 wt by Aurifil. Thank you and can't wait to see you in person at market!
How to get yourself a magazine copy:
Please use the following permalink to link to the issue:
Subscription issues began shipping October 13, 2015. By October 27, 2015, the issue will be available on newsstands, as well as in print or digital download format at at the following link:  
I'm headed to quilt market early tomorrow morning. I'm pumped up about going, pitching new ideas, and networking with people in the industry. I'll post pictures of my experience on facebook and instagram.
Wish me luck,

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