Monday, February 16, 2015

Organizing and Evergreen Bowties

Hello snow.

Today, my family and I woke up to inches of snow, but I realize it's nothing compared to out east.  But, we are enjoying our day doing what we can to work from home and keep our daughter busy with active play.

This past Saturday, I went up north to Longmont, Colorado, for the day.  I wanted to check out the Presser Foot's moving sale. Presser Foot sells Bernina's, fabric, and all kind of notions/accessories. It's about a 45 minute drive from my home, and well, I wanted to make the best of the drive. We visited a dear friend, and played tennis at McIntosh Park, where I made a little picnic for my family on the court. Audrey and Garrett received a few things from me to say Happy Valentine's Day. Then, I proceeded to play my first set in years to beat my husband 6-1. In his defense, he is recovering from an Achilles tendon surgery. My husband is athletic and although, he may not look the best in his tennis form, he can get his racket on everything to put the ball back into play. As a female player, I like to hit the ball hard and well, from my years of competitive tennis, I could hit the ball hard to win the point. When I hit the ball hard to Garrett, it always comes right back twice as hard. So hard that in one rally, I broke 2 strings. It felt good to hear the pop. Nevermind that I hadn't change those strings since Audrey was born.

What I was getting at with my trip to the Presser Foot, is that I bought some more feet for my Bernina 820. I'm not all that excited about the storage that came with my machine to store feet and accessories. When I'm working, I like to slide, stack, and toss things about.

The storage unit that came with the box doesn't allow for that, and really doesn't fit my working mojo. In fact, I gave up on it months ago. I opted for a little zipper bag I made to store the feet and accessories, but I didn't like how the items banged against each other. After getting some more feet and accessories at Presser Foot, I was motivated to organize my items in a neat and orderly way. I combed the web for ideas that matched my working style. I decided on jewelry storage boxes. Sunday, I rushed over to Michael's to select my storage. There was an endless amount of options, but I opted for a medium sized box with removable dividers. A large was to big to slide, stack and toss about, but a small seemed too small. A medium box was just right.

Meanwhile, I managed to finish another quilt called Evergreen Bowties. I did this quilt for Craftsy as they will be selling the kits for the exact fabrics you see in the pictures below on Craftsy's website.

Staying warm and cozy,

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