Monday, December 5, 2016

Tutorial - Scrap Batting Ornaments & Garland


Tutorial Scrap Batting Ornaments & Garland

Today, let’s use up our scraps of batting to make Christmas ornaments. I know I have a tons of scrap batting from my quilts and I’m sure you do too. This is super quick and cheap. Most of the items on the material list are things you can find around your house and you don’t need your sewing machine. The ornaments and garland are great to make with kids, too.

Scrap Batting
Accessories Goodies - pompoms, buttons, bells, ribbons, etc.
22 Gauge Floral Wire
Craft Glue
Hand sewing needle

Make Ornament
Cut your scrap pieces into 1” strips and then subcut them to 1” squares. These don’t have to be perfect and you may want to vary your squares slightly in size to add more interest to your ornament.

Cut the floral wire to about 10” or as desired.

On one end of the wire, bend it over itself about a 1/4”. This prevents your batting squares to fall off the end. You may choose to use a thread and needle to make your wreath instead of the wire, but I found that wire is stiffer and can hold its shape.

Use the straight end to poke the center of batting squares. Continue adding squares. Choose to make your ornament as loose or tight as desired.

Once you’ve finished adding squares, pull the straight end of the wire through the loop of the other end. Twist and wrap the ends together.

Now the fun part really begins. Choose to hand sew on bells, glue on buttons, tie a bow, whatever you choose. Remember to add a loop to hang your ornament to your tree. Hang your ornament to the tree and tada, you're done.

Here I added pink pompoms to the wreath.

Have a lot of batting scraps? Consider making a garland out of them. I purchased a bag of red pompoms to add a pop of color to my garland. What would you do?

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Merry Christmas!




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