Thursday, December 1, 2016

Holiday Traditions

What are your family traditions during the holidays? I hope they are wonderful. We normally spend the holidays just the three of us (my husband, daughter, and I) in Denver, Colorado. We are Christians and celebrate Christmas. Our traditions include:

- A visit to Santa during the week of Thanksgiving to beat the rush.
- A family photo for our Christmas cards. (see above)
- Of course a Christmas tree, which we put up over Thanksgiving weekend.
- Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ by going to Christmas Eve service.
- We bake Santa a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies on Christmas Eve.
- I always have a holiday project, whether it be a new wreath, yarn ball ornaments, a Christmas quilt, there's always something for me to make.
- We're allowed to open up one gift on Christmas Eve.
- Our big meal is on Christmas Eve, which always include my husband's marinated pork tenderloins, mashed potatoes, corn, chocolate pudding pie, and baked beans.

This year, we're adding on to our house by expanding our basement and building a 2nd floor. We had to modify our Christmas, which means a 2 foot Christmas tree. But all in all, we're excited for our house addition, and know that by next year, we'll have wide open space to entertain and celebrate like never before.

Here's a quilt I made, called Gingerbread. I used a layer cake to make the stars, bought a few yards for the border and background. The backing came from Ikea and it 'still' glows in the dark. :)

Darn those loose threads, they always haunt me. Here we've snuggled with this quilt for 3 years and right there, it's a thread. Can you find it below? I can still hear my quilt teacher's voice in my head, saying that's why it's important to cut loose threads as you make them.

If you're interested in the quilt pattern, then you can find it in my shop.

Happy Holidays,

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