Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Repeat Patterns

Hello, World.
All I have to say is I'm addicted to repeat patterns. I probably spent way too much time this past weekend playing on Adobe Illustrator, but you'll have to confirm that with my husband.
The past few weeks, I have been focused on learning Illustrator for fabric design as well as coming up with my own color palette. My skills finally came together this past weekend. Honestly, I came up with a dozen patterns, trying to focus on different tools within Illustrator. All of these where made using either the pattern maker or manually making my own pattern in Illustrator. These are the four I'm most proud of, along with a narrative on each pattern: 
  • For the first, the chevron, I thought, everybody loves chevron, so I'll create my version of it. Here I built a shape and repeated it.          
  • The second one, who doesn't love a bunch of flowers? Well, I do. And why not mix shapes into them. I drew the flowers with my Wacom tablet. The rest where shapes built in Illustrator.
  • I saw some jewelry out and about that inspired me to come up with the third one. This must be an addiction, if the first thing I want to do when I return home is to open up the computer to illustrate. Here, I use the rotate tool.
  • The fourth one consisted of a lot of methods. I do love photography and the flowers are from my front yard. I use the image trace in Illustrator to come up with what you see there. The bird I drew from a how-to-draw book and the wreath of leaves were hand drawn, too. I used an oval as my guide to draw the wreath, then deleted the oval when I was finished with it.
Although I have a long way to go, I'm making progress. Illustrator is a language of its own. I'm no expert right now, but with the help of internet searching and how-to books, I'm coming along. Next, I'll continue working on Illustrator to develop my signature style and more dimensions to my patterns.


"Creativity takes courage" - Henri Matisse 

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