Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 New Year's Resolution

Do you write New Year's Resolution? And keep them? My husband and I do. We do pick what we consider attainable goals for the year. We pick 1 or 2 things to improve our lives. A lot of times, we pick a food omit to improve our diet. Such as, we had a year of no fries, another year of no chips, another year of no ice cream, then the following year we did no artificial sugar. Sometimes, we pick a goal to improve ourselves in career, fitness, and education. I had a year where I read through the entire old testament of the Bible, another year where I reached 50 pull-ups. This year, we picked holding a plank for 1 minute every day combined with 10 push-ups and to draw everyday for 15 minutes. We geeked out over the weekend by going to our local art supply shop to pick up new pencils and pens, and a new sketchbook. The little things to get the new year kicked up on the right foot.

Here's to new hopes, aspiration, and resolutions for the 2017 year. Have a Happy New Year!


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