Monday, January 12, 2015

Farm Quilt

Here's the Farm Quilt. It is finished and loved by my daughter. She has been sleeping with it. It gives me great joy to see my daughter enjoy the things I make.

Over the weekend, I finally carved out some time to work on my daughter's dollhouse. Yes, this is a quilting blog, but I just have to show you pictures of the 4 rooms I completed. The roof still needs work. I'm not too excited about the angles for the roof, but it'll get done.

I did use mod podge to put the wallpaper together. I headed over to the Paper Source store to pick out paper. Using a measuring tape, I cut out wallpaper to size for each wall and ceiling. I did not precut the windows. I used an x-acto knife to cut out the windows, and precut the doors. Then, I added all the trim, and then finished it off with using scrapbooking tapes to decorate. It did take me about 6 hours this past Saturday, but so worth it. As you see in the pictures, my daughter has moved in.

 As I close for this week, there was quote from a visiting pastor at our church this past Sunday. He said, the worst of time often is the best of time, you just don't know it at the time. Consider that. Perhaps, the next time, when things get tough at work, you're working on a project, you're helping a friend out, or something so simple like folding laundry with your 3 year old who is excited to be your helper, keep your head up by choosing to live in the moment, and have a positive attitude.


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