Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Patchwork on the Runway

Hello Quilting Friends,

Of my networks of quilters, I know half of you are all about quilted patchwork clothing and the other half says, not for me. I've been in the latter boat for most of my quilting career, but the last 2 years I've had a slight change of heart. In that time, I have seen a couple of half-circle skirts and a wedding gown made from quilts. I had thought of patchwork clothing in batiks and/or traditional fabrics. Though the skirts and gown were made from vintage quilts with lots of white and faded fabrics. 

This past month, Calvin Klein debuted their 2017 fall collection. And whaddya know, they showcased 3 coats in antique patterned quilts. 

Here's one that is a classic Ocean Wave pattern. It combined with men's suiting for sleeves. It's interesting, right? I would totally wear this and wish I thought of it before.

Here's my Ocean Wave quilt. Here's the dilemma. I could cut this quilt for a half circle skirt, maybe make my version of Calvin's coat, but I just can't do it. See, I can run over to the mall to pick up a coat for $250, where as the quilt below took about $500 of materials, somewhere around 80 hours to make, not to mention my hard effort in matching those points. A coat could last a couple of years through wear and tear, but a quilt can last for generations.

(Pattern is available at my online shop. Head to Etsy for an instant pdf or to my website to order a paper copy.)

And here's a couple more by Calvin Klein. I would like to be a little fly on the wall to overhear his team discussing quilts in fashion.

This one has an antique postage stamp quilt cut for the lining of this quilt. It does give me a Christmas vibe to it, but definitely gives off an antique quilt feel.

And here's a drunkard path quilt. I really like this one, my favorite of the three. For nearly most of my life, I wasn't a pink kindof person. Since having my daughter, I've had a change of heart and I'm making up for lost time. I can foresee a MIB interpretation coming soon.

It is pretty cool to see fashion work with quilts in clothing. I hope it'll grow a greater appreciation from the population at large and in the art world. Meanwhile, I'd like to go through my stack of quilt tops and finished quilts to see if any them are worthy for a clothing experiment.



  1. I could NEVER cut up pretty much ANY quilt. I'm new to quilting and am not very prolific but even so, I'd hate to see anyone cut up a quilt. Go buy it..... :)

  2. Thank you so much for this very charming and creative idea!! Very generous of you to share with us!! Love it!!

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