Thursday, July 21, 2016

Make It Blossom is going Full-Time

I have awesome and yet scary news to share with you. The day has come. I have resigned from my day job as the Director of Internal Audit of a financial company downtown Denver. I'm taking Make It Blossom full time! For the past 15 years, I've enjoyed the consistent income from Corporate America. Then, I was able to dedicate all my free time to moving up the corporate ladder. But now, I'm a mom, and a wife, and that kind of commitment to a corporate job is no longer desired. Although my priorities have changed, I still desire to be a business women and create a balance family life.

Wish me luck on this journey. The best support and encouragement you could offer me is to reach me on social media, tell your friends, and check out my store on Etsy. (For shop owners, my patterns and book are available through Brewer, Checker, and United Notions.)

Currently, I'm working on a formal webpage, making my booth for fall Quilt Market, and making samples/patterns for my first fabric collection.

I'm excited for this next chapter in my life. Thank you for being here for me, because without you, this wouldn't be a possibility. Below are some photos of the booth project.

Seizing the day,


  1. Congratulations :) I look forward to seeing even more wonderful achievements to obtain your hopes and wishes :) Just remember nothing is ever by chance :)

  2. Congrats!! Looking forward to seeing your collection at Fall Market!

  3. Congrats on Make It Blossom, and see you Houston!

  4. Good luck! I love your patterns in McCall's Quilting. I have "Vintage Flowers" on my to do list.


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