Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Book Review - Creative Quilt Challenges


Today I have something very special to share with you, a book review of Creative Quilt Challenges: Take the Challenge to Discover Your Style & Improve Your Design Skills by Pat Pease and Wendy Hill.

Wendy asked me to participate in her blog hop to promote her book and well, I jumped at the chance to meet her. She has embraced me and has become such an important friend and mentor for me in the quilt industry. I'm grateful for her words of wisdom and her tolerance of my many questions. I can't wait to meet her in person in Utah for spring quilt market.

But you all want to hear about her lovely new book...

This book will spark your creativity when you take the 7 quilt challenges in this book. Both Wendy and Pat make a quilt of each challenge, resulting in 14 quilts. Each of their quilts comes with instructions to make one of theirs or take back your freedom to make one of your very own. They provide you with so much inspiration and ideas for you to gain the confidence to develop your own quilt. This book is all about pushing your creativity to develop your own style.

Throughout the entire book, there tips and tricks, plus a techniques chapter in the back to provide you with all the necessary instruction to make your quilt with ease.

The writing, photos, and illustrations are clear and concise. What are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a copy. Available at and Amazon.

Meanwhile, if you want some more inspiration, I have a book too, called Scrap Patchwork. You can pick up both books at, Amazon, or your local quilt shop.

Make it Blossom,


  1. It looks like a fabulous books with tons of good inspiration for more quilt perspiration!! :)

  2. I love books that give me ideas to use my scraps. Can't wait to see these!

  3. Great post and congratulations on your new book too!

  4. They both looks like great books. I will need to get.

  5. Thanks for telling us about the Challenges book and your book. I am putting them both on my wish list at Amazon for my next "shopping trip"!


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