Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tutorial Zipper Tassel

Hi. This is so simple, I didn't consider making it a tutorial until a friend of mine said, that's such a cute trick, you need to tell people about it. This trick is how to make a tassel on your zipper pull tab.

Cord ~6"
Ribbon Scrap ~4"
Thread the piece of ribbon or string by folding it in half and taking the ends through the hole of the zipper pull tab about half way.
Place the cord through the loop of the ribbon.
Gently tug and wiggle the cord through the hole of the zipper by pulling the ends of the ribbon completely through the zipper hole.
Remove the ribbon.
Thread the ends of the cord through its loop on the other side of the zipper hole.
Tug the cord ends until they are tight against the zipper tab. String beads. 
Knot the cord to secure the beads into place.
Easy peasy. Try different variation. Beads or no beads. Leather instead of cord. Go for it. Now that you have all the ingredients to make your very own Easter basket, it’s your turn to make it blossom.


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