Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Join me - Inset Seams Webinar

Hello Friends,

I'm thrilled to announce my first webinar, called 1-2-3 Y-Seams: Inset Seams. The live webinar is scheduled for 11am MST, Wednesday, May 27, 2015. That's next week! However, if you're unable to attend live, it'll be recorded for your viewing pleasure at your convenience.

You can also find the webinar at:

I've been working hard on putting together a thorough and clear presentation by using concise wording and loading it up with tons of photos and diagrams. Many of the photos are taken at my BERNINA machine, as if you are right over my shoulder watching me stitch. I designed and made 3 quilt patterns where you can use the techniques learned in this webinar to make a beautiful quilt. Currently, I'm finishing up the third one, which you can view my progress on my facebook page. The first two were discussed in my last post.

What's in it for you, right? Why learn from me? Inset seams has a bad reputation. People mess up, it's slow, they don't want to cut out irregular shapes, and so forth. But wait a minute, what if you thought of inset seams as easy, forgiving, and faster. That's right. It's my view the construction of inset seams, such as the Lemoyne Star Block is faster and easier than say the Sawtooth Star Block. I'll teach you how to rotary cut out the irregular shapes, stitch a y-seam with no redundant steps, and determine pressing options that fits best for the overall construction of the quilt top.

Come and join me,

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