Welcome to my little piece of happiness where I talk about quilting, family, and other random tidbits.

To start, I'm a quilter, publisher, fabric designer, quilt designer, and instructor. My products includes books and patterns. I do design fabric for Michael Miller Fabrics. I'm a blogger and play on social media. You can find me on facebook, instagram, and pinterest.

I began quilting when my husband and I were dating in 2005. He took me to his family’s home and there I observed the quilts made by his grandmother and great-grandmother. I grew up understanding sewing garments and woodworking from my parents. Really, when you think about it, quilting is a nice mix between sewing and woodworking. It was an easy transition for me and soon it became my passion. My first quilt was a 120” x 120” log cabin quilt. All of it was done by me and on my old Pfaff sewing machine with 4 1/2” of throat space.

My husband and I have a beautiful daughter; who seems to be just as excited as me when new fabric comes in the mail. We reside in Denver, Colorado. Other than quilting and my family, I enjoy running, hybrid workouts, yoga, photography, tennis, hiking, travel, and sports.

All my quilts are made entirely by me. I do all my own cutting, piecing, and quilting on my BERNINA 820 sewing machine. I am community-made-quilter. I learned from the wonderful staff of local quilt shops and endless quilt books.

As we get to know one another, you'll agree quilting and design are my passions. It’s the thing I love to do when I’m not with my family. 

Thank you for stopping by and say hello.

Sandra Clemons

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